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Nightlife On Fire

Light it up and don’t get burned! Experience Europe’s most luscious entertainment for grown-ups!

About Nightlife On Fire

Release the steam and enjoy the most exciting night out in one of the top European destinations! Best clubs, best drinks and the most beautiful girls – these are the fundamental criteria for we thoroughly follow because believe that the quality matters! We are proud on our network of local party experts who constantly monitor their local nightlife scene so we can always be up to date with the most recent party attractions for grown-ups! Pick your favourite destination and choose among the sea of activities and guided tours for adults. Throw your worries to the wind and let the professionals deliver you the most terrific party attractions in Europe! Please note, Nightlife On Fire is member of Experience Buddy Family, where you can check our different activities.

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Array ( [51] => Array ( [id] => 51 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Prague [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => prague [description] => One of the most captivating cities in Europe, Prague is an absolute monster in the amount of historical monuments – There are around 1200 in the city centre and over 3000 in total! Prague is also a regional cultural and an educational centre, giving rise to one of the Europe’s most prolific artistic scenes. Nightlife in the Czech capital can compare with any of the top European destinations – there are always myriads of options and forms of entertainment to choose from! This immense variety of cultural happenings and nightlife attractions contributes to the fact that Prague is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in Europe. [img] => 5798d2ec5fb46-prague.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [52] => Array ( [id] => 52 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Brno [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => brno [description] => You might not know much about the second largest Czech city of Brno, but once you get there, you realize this is one of those cities that instantly makes you feel good! Beautiful wide city center is home to many traditional old school Czech pubs and bars with the beer of highest quality! And once you’ll get your first receipt, you will realize the great value for money you’re getting in Brno! When you stop admiring the historical monuments in the city center, you can start enjoying young and laid-back atmosphere of the night in Brno! The city feels much more alive after sunset and local bars and pubs get flooded with young people. Join them and see how amazing Brno can be! [img] => 5798d27dc5d40-brno.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 2 ) [53] => Array ( [id] => 53 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Bratislava [country] => Slovakia [slug] => bratislava [description] => Welcome to one of the most interesting little capitals in the world! Former coronation city of the Kingdom of Hungary used to be a multi-cultural melting pot protected with massive double city walls and fortifications. Feeling well protected here, Hungarian, Austrian, German and Slovak aristocracy built their manor houses. The cosmopolitan character of the city is underscored by the river Danube on which Bratislava is situated. Some things remained the same and Bratislava‘s character of the city persevered and laid out foundation for an the country’s cultural, educational but also night-life centre. Come and see for yourself, you might be surprised about this little-big city’s hidden treasures! [img] => 5798d27214c1d-bratislava.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 3 ) [54] => Array ( [id] => 54 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Budapest [country] => Hungary [slug] => budapest [description] => Over 57 000 cubic meters of water flows through over 118 streams and drills in Budapest on daily basis. It’s easy to see Budapest as the spa capital of the world and one of the best places to visit for leisure! But the list of things you should see, try and taste is much longer! Even though it is nicknamed “Paris of the East” for its architectonic beauty, Budapest attracts mainly a younger crowd for its amazing nightlife scene! The Budapest’s ruin pubs are the major attraction of the Hungarian capital these days. Originally low-key pubs with discarded furniture and ramshackle walls, ruin pubs introduced a completely new aesthetics to the night-life in Europe! And after you’re done with educating yourself about the local beauties and beers in ruin pubs, you can immerse yourself in a world of amazing night clubs! [img] => 581c6a721ed3f-budapest.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 4 ) [55] => Array ( [id] => 55 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Amsterdam [country] => Netherlands [slug] => amsterdam [description] => The Dutch capital is certainly one of the most charming cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals and world-famous Amsterdam museums to red light district, it is also one of the most interesting and diverse in the world. You will be exploring a pulsating centre of culture with unusually high level of freedom, something that millions of tourists seek very year! This also created perfect conditions for amazing night-life offering too many ways how to entertain you. It’s not just the red-light district or coffee shops, Amsterdam clubs are renowned for their amazing party atmosphere. Whatever your plan in Amsterdam is, we guarantee you will get entertained! [img] => 581c68ece3300-amsterdam.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 5 ) [56] => Array ( [id] => 56 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Berlin [country] => Germany [slug] => berlin [description] => Laid back and hip, that’s one of Europe’s most favourite destinations – Berlin! When you explore its fascinating cultural and urban landscape, you also get a glimpse of its turbulent history of the past century. The multicultural German capital is a hive for creativity and culture, having one of the most vibrant artistic scenes in the world. Despite this, Berlin still remains relatively inexpensive city to visit. It is renowned for its amazing variety of cuisines, but also for a legendary club scene that never sleeps! Oh, and don’t even get me started on a number of iconic monuments like the Berlin wall, Reichstag or the Brandenburg gate. There is not much you can do to resist the Berlin’s charm, deal with it! [img] => 581c68f4dc94b-berlin.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 6 ) [57] => Array ( [id] => 57 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Hamburg [country] => Germany [slug] => hamburg [description] => You might have never considered Hamburg a place you really fancy to visit, but as soon as you’ll get there, you will be very surprised this German jewel has in store for you! Charming city on the water, Hamburg will stun with its pulsating energy and incredible mixture of cultures. This makes up for a nearly perfect conditions for a great night out! The city is mainly living through its huge port, which is essential for the city’s industry, trade, but also architecture and urbanism. But you will also easily recognize the other, maybe more exciting side to Hamburg, represented mainly by the Reeperbahn Street, which is something like a German red-light district! [img] => 581c6a8bb84bf-hamburg.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 7 ) [58] => Array ( [id] => 58 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Munich [country] => Germany [slug] => munich [description] => Oh Munich! The sacred land of beer, BMW and one of the world’s best football clubs. Hey, but did you know that Munich’s Alte Pinakothek stores the biggest collection of Rubens paintings? Art lovers certainly do! On the other hand, sport and history enthusiasts would instantly mention infamous 1972 Munich Olympics, while Oktoberfest will be mentioned by….pretty much everyone! And that’s the point – Munich really has something for everyone and everyone has beer. You can try to see everything in one day, but we guarantee you won’t convince your legs to go out dancing to one of Munich’s many clubs afterwards. And that would be a real shame, because Munich’s night life is party goer’s dream come true! [img] => 581c6a95471fa-munich.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 8 ) [59] => Array ( [id] => 59 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Cologne [country] => Germany [slug] => cologne [description] => A center of German culture, Cologne is an active city full of life and offers much more than just its impressive cathedral built for 600 years. Being considered a mecca of the German culture, the vibrant artistic life makes the city very entertaining and spry. The chocolate museum, Hohenzollern Bridge and Falkenlust are also among the colorful attractions of Germany’s 2000 years old city. Despite the fact that Cologne is presented as the city of culture and arts, it has an amazing palette of night-life opportunities with over 100 night clubs operating throughout the week! Now that’s what we call a selection worth checking out! [img] => 583e9b552599c-cologne.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 9 ) [60] => Array ( [id] => 60 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Stuttgart [country] => Germany [slug] => stuttgart [description] => Stuttgart is the city where - for the first time in mankind’s history - Gottlieb Daimler and Willhelm Maybach presented their invention of a vehicle with four wheels powered by a combustion engine. That was year 1885 and ever since then Stuttgart was the center of the automobile world. Germany’s industrial center is home to Porsche and Mercedes. On the first look, Stuttgart won’t strike you as a typical tourist destination because it simply doesn’t look like a metropolis. But closer look will reveal beautifully restored center of the city with numerous bars and cafes open through the day and night clubs taking the center stage during nights. [img] => 583e9b663159c-stuttgart.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 10 ) [61] => Array ( [id] => 61 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Warsaw [country] => Poland [slug] => warsaw [description] => Polish capital has seen been through some rocky times in the 20th century. Being the capital since 1596, its status was seriously contested after the WW2 saw 90% of its building demolished. The Poles, however, did not give up and in 1949-1963 restored most of the city, especially the historical centre, which is listed in the UNESCO heritage list. Warsaw’s vibrant night life is a testimony to the energy of the city that never backed down. The historical centre provides wide range of entertainment for all kinds of tastes! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a smoky jazz bar or a flashy club; Warsaw has both and much more! [img] => 583e9b71265ef-warsaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 11 ) [62] => Array ( [id] => 62 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Gdansk [country] => Poland [slug] => gdansk [description] => One of the oldest Polish cities with history dating back to 999, Gdansk is also one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. The city with the most important Polish port benefits not only from its seaside position and crossing point of several rivers, but also from a rich history – it is tightly connected with the history of the WW2 and the fall of communism. The nightlife in Gdansk has improved a lot in recent years and the town nowadays contains plenty of really special places that you would hardly find anywhere else! Specialty of Gdansk is that many of the places function as bars and restaurants during the day, but they transform into clubs for a night! [img] => 583e9b7a3e159-gdansk.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 12 ) [63] => Array ( [id] => 63 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Poznan [country] => Poland [slug] => poznan [description] => Age goes hand in hand with wisdom. Poznan is one of the oldest Polish cities and Polish even believe that it is where the Poland was born. More specifically, on the Tumski Island on Warta River, where the first settlement leading to the first Polish state was established. Poznan’s historic pride was also one of the key factors in enormous demonstrations against Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1950s. But Poznan’s not just about history, the city is used to party hard as well! That’s why the common custom here is that bars and clubs are open until the last customer leaves. And the customers are always back because they know they are up for a great party and everything’s perfectly affordable too! [img] => 583e9b8415f63-poznan.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 13 ) [64] => Array ( [id] => 64 [id_activity] => 9 [title] => Wroclaw [country] => Poland [slug] => wroclaw [description] => One of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities, Wroclaw displays a large number of spectacular historical monuments and a unique river system – Odra River divides the town into 12 islands connected by countless bridges. Wroclaw’s nickname’s therefore easy to guess, they often call it the Polish Venice! Wroclaw’s flourishing nightlife can be ascribed mainly to a large student population – as much as 10% of locals are students! It is easy to fall into the youth vibe of this lively city. The heart of Wroclaw – amazing medieval Central Square and its neighboring streets – is dotted with energetic bars and clubs. That’s where you will be heading! [img] => 583e9b8bcacfc-wroclaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 14 ) )

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